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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Get in touch with us today for a custom estimate for your electrical installation. Our professional team always guarantees a safe install and promises to provide the best service for each customer.



Home Automation

Have you wanted to open all your blinds with a push of a button? Dim all your lights at the same time? Or even add heated driveways for those cold winter months? Our electrical contractors are certified in home automation and can make all those ideas come to life. Get in contact today and we’ll answer all of your questions.



Our highly skilled electricians from the Cedarstone team help you maintain and repair anything electrical. Whether you’re looking for a simple routine service call, have an emergency repair, or need a custom install, Cedarstone Electrical is here and happy to help!

With pure dedication to the finest work, clients can consistently expect our electricians to get the job done efficiently and accurately every time.  Our rates and prices cater to every budget to suit your project or needs. Check out our residential, commercial, and agricultural electrical services that we offer and reach out for a quote today.

Electrical Work

Here For You

Just bought a new house and the residential wiring needs to be redone? We’ll handle all rewiring and any other electrical repair you’re looking for - request for a quote today.



Exceptional Service

From changing your lighting and plugs to remodelling your home, we are here to make these upgrades easy and affordable. 



  • Electrical Service Upgrades & Renovations

  • Relocating & Rewiring Install Circuits

  • Repair and Maintenance on Fuses & Breakers

  • Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, and Emergency Lights

  • Custom Home Wiring

  • Indoor/Outdoor Lighting & Security

  • Basement, Shed & Garage Wiring

  • Diagnostic Testing & Troubleshooting for all Electrical Issues

  • and more!


  • Building Electrical Layout & Design

  • Commercial lighting installation and repairs

  • Panel & Lighting Upgrades

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Building Automation & Energy

  • Routine Maintenance Service Contracts

  • Agricultural Electrical Work

  • and more!

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